Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Am Jack

“I am Jack.  Since I was six months old, I had a really bad sickness.  When my mom went to the hospital, the doctor said to threw me away because  I wouldn’t have life because the situation was very bad.  The sickness that I had was sores on my body.  When we went to another doctor he said when I reach my teenage years I will be healed.  But now I am still alive.  I am working to help my family and myself.  My dream is to go to the United States and study computer things.” 

Jack had a difficult childhood.  Although he did grow up within his own family, his skin condition was such that he was neglected by everyone except his mother.  He was teased by his peers and ridiculed by others.  But Jack turned out to be very bright and an amazing worker.  Together with his brother, Pierre, he manages the the Apparent Project’s Papillon Boutique in  Port Au Prince.   Both Jack and Pierre use most of their wages to help with medical expenses for their mother, who is battling cancer in the Dominican Republic.

The Papillon Boutique

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