Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Leo and Richard - The Original Bead Makers

When Shelley Clay first came up with the idea to make jewelry from paper beads, they turned to Leo and Richard, two street kids who often visited the Apparent Project buildings.

“Would you guys like to try to make beads?”

“Sure.”  And they became first bead rollers.

“Can you figure out how to make bracelets?”  And they did.

These two teenagers became experts in jewelry making and trained many people.

“Professor” Leo, has a natural business savvy.  Just 18 years old,  he works for the Apparent Project and supports his family – he is one of 18 kids.

“Little” Richard and his brother were raised by their widowed mother.   He is currently going to high school and works in the Papillion Boutique after school and on Saturday.

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